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Meet our CEO, Adam Cunnington

Why should local authority partners consider working with Public Sector Plc?

The question we always seek to get potential partners to ask themselves when we are first introduced to them is actually, ‘why wouldn’t we?’. Public Sector Plc has a unique and compelling proposition that comes with a lower risk and significant potential upside.

The scope of our projects demonstrates the incredible flexibility of Public Sector Plc’s approach. It is a smart and pragmatic way to get things done in the face of great strains in the public sector. In establishing a partnership, a new Council will join a group of 19 other Councils who have understood the benefits of our model.

What is unique about Public Sector Plc?

We call our approach ‘Relational Partnering’ and this perfectly captures our ethos. A partnership can be set up quickly and simply and is a potent vehicle for delivering projects. The ability of a Council to sit in an environment where it can speak openly and freely about ideas and opportunities without fear of contractual commitments means that schemes can be developed which exceed their perceived potential. This meeting of minds and pooling of expertise can deliver powerful outcomes. In addition, each scheme is thoroughly tested by both CIPFA and Anthony Collins Solicitors as independent assessors.

Describe the philosophy behind Public Sector Plc...

Our vision is to be the best possible partner to our colleagues in the public sector. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our mission is to bring the skills, resources and funding that we possess to augment the capabilities of our partners. We constantly strive to find new, innovative and creative ways to help them achieve their own strategic goals in a commercially viable way. Uniquely, we share a common governance structure and process across all of our partnerships. These partners come together to share best practice in the use of our Relational Partnering model, which is a unique feature of our operation. We help to achieve outcomes beyond expectations by aligning our joint interests to create genuine win-win outcomes.

What motivates you personally as CEO?

Having been involved since the early days of Public Sector Plc, I’ve been fortunate enough to build upon knowledge accumulated over my career and bring this to our unique way of doing business. The intellectual challenge of establishing an entirely new business methodology and applying it to a broader and increasingly diverse range of projects has been an incredible opportunity. Writing a rule book for something that had no rules and finding creative solutions has been incredibly stimulating and exciting.