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Simone Marshall

Can you introduce yourself, when you joined and give a brief description of your role at Public Sector Plc?
My name is Simone, I work as a Development Manager for the Southern Regional Team. I joined Public Sector Plc in April 2019.

What are the particular needs for Public Sector Plc in the Southern region?
I am responsible for several key Partnerships and the generation of a pipeline of varied capital projects (development, acquisition/disposal, land promotion).  Our aim is to keep momentum of delivery by understanding of the nuances within Public Sector, the political/regulatory landscape and decision making processes.

How does Public Sector Plc specifically benefit the local authorities in the Southern region?
Our relational partnering allows for faster delivery through an “insourcing” model that avoids lengthy procurement processes. We offer supply chain benefits to ensure best value and usually lock these in, where possible, to offer our partners a degree of cost certainty. Our environmental/sustainable off-site manufactured net zero carbon family homes that we have designed/developed offers maximum local socio-economic benefits and shortened construction periods that accelerate rental receipts and provides earlier returns on investment improving the financial performance/viability of a scheme. Overall we are able to align ourselves so that we are able to complement the Councils existing activities in delivering their corporate objectives whilst allowing them to continue providing and investing in their main front line services.

Describe the strengths of your team…
We are a diverse team - a broad range of specialists/experts in housing, healthcare and traditional commercial property (office, warehouse, retail) to provide greater agility, commercialism and creativity.

In three words how would you describe Public Sector Plc
Innovative, Revolutionary, Transformative

What would you say to someone if they were thinking of joining Public Sector Plc?
Be prepared to leave behind outmoded ways of working to embrace unconventional practices where true freedom to collaborate offers an exciting and rewarding future.