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Public Sector Plc appoints new development manager

Public Sector Plc appoints new development manager to further strengthen northern team

Public Sector Plc has appointed Leena Gillespie as development manager as it strengthens its team in the north of England.

Leena joins Public Sector Plc from Investec and has more than 20 years’ experience in property finance, project management and commercial finance.

In her new role Leena will help Public Sector Plc’s local authority partners to maximise revenue and value on commercial, industrial and residential property projects.

To date Public Sector Plc has signed partnerships with 19 local authorities across England leading to an investment of more than £374m in new construction projects including the development of more than 2,300 new homes and 110,000 sq. metres of commercial floorspace.

Public Sector Plc’s council Partnerships are 50/50 mutually beneficial, which allow local authorities to keep ownership of their assets and remain in control of the pace, style and type of developments being delivered.

In the north of England Public Sector Plc has established partnerships with five councils including Cheshire West & Chester, where the team is working with the council in delivering a visionary masterplan for the regeneration of Northwich town centre, as well as the development of 65 acres of land to create much needed business and employment opportunities on a new industrial park.

At Investec, Leena project managed the development of residential and commercial property schemes and created strategies to maximise value through planning, change of use and the mix of properties on site.

Leena will be based in Public Sector Plc’s Manchester office, which has grown over the past two years.

This growth was signified when the head of the Manchester office Paul Brown was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and a position on the board of directors at Public Sector Plc earlier this year.

Paul Brown, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Local authorities across the north face significant and sustained funding challenges and need to look at new ways to unlock value from their assets in order to fill that funding gap without giving up control. We’re extremely pleased to have Leena’s expertise on board as we deliver more win-win property solutions for local authorities, local taxpayers and local communities.”

Leena Gillespie said: “Local authorities in the north have been increasing their investments in land and property in recent years and it is our mission to make sure they maximise income from these investments and their wider property portfolios. I’ve loved working in property and finance for the past two decades and am really excited about the opportunity to help local authorities deliver more for local communities.”



About Public Sector Plc


Public Sector Plc™ (www.publicsectorplc.com) is a private company set up in 2007, which partners with local authorities to offer strategic asset management and unlock value within their property assets through a model called, Relational Partnering.  This is a model that, through the principles of in-sourcing, allows councils to access additional skills and expertise from the private sector.

To date, 19 local authorities across England have partnered with Public Sector Plc to unlock revenue, capital or wider benefits from their assets through Public Sector Plc’s capabilities; land promotion and regeneration, portfolio management, housing and social care/extra care.


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