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Putting public sector relationships first to unlock value in the North

Putting public sector relationships first to unlock property value in the North

On 27th February we hosted a thought-leadership masterclass at EvoNorth, bringing together public and private sector organisations with a shared vision for prosperity in the North of England. We took part in exciting discussions on core issues like housing, infrastructure and technology improvements across the region.

To us, the Northern Powerhouse movement is about capitalising on the vast potential and opportunities presented by growth in the north. We shared our own experiences of getting the best possible value from land and property assets for our Council partners and delivering broader socio-economic benefits.

One common behaviour shared by all of our local authority partners across the North is a genuine appetite for innovation and disruptive thinking, as well as a commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for people and local communities.

In recent years and as a result of austerity, northern councils have been restricted in how much value they can deliver, due to severe and disproportionate reductions in local authority funding. Without the necessary resources to get projects moving, local authorities are finding it increasingly hard to deliver efficiency, value and socio-economic benefits from their numerous land and property assets.

Public Sector Plc was formed to help address this precise issue. Through providing efficient access to people, funding and resources, our team is currently helping 22 local authorities deliver land promotion, regeneration, housing and commercialisation projects that can either unlock efficiencies or generate new income streams against a backdrop of reduced public spending.

But what makes the Public Sector Plc model so unique is the relationships that we form with our local authority partners – forged on common goals rather than contractual obligations, with both partners sharing equal control of any projects that move forward.

It’s a model that we call Relational Partnering, which we discussed and shared how it helps local authorities in places like Bolton and Cheshire make good on their commitments to the communities they serve.

If you attended EvoNorth at Emirates Old Trafford on Wednesday 27th February, and didn't get a chance to ask your questions, feel free to email Mark Davis mark.davis@publicsectorplc.com



About Public Sector Plc

Public Sector Plc™ (www.publicsectorplc.com) is a private company set up in 2007, which partners with local authorities to offer strategic asset management and unlock value within their property assets through a model called, Relational Partnering.  This is a model that, through the principles of in-sourcing, allows councils to access additional skills and expertise from the private sector.

To date, 22 local authorities across England have partnered with Public Sector Plc to unlock revenue, capital or wider benefits from their assets through Public Sector Plc’s capabilities; land promotion and regeneration, portfolio management, housing and social care/extra care.

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