Students given work experience at Public Sector Plc

To date, Public Sector Plc has taken on two work placement students – an initiative we feel is of great importance to us as a company, but also an invaluable experience for the participating students.

Asked why she felt it was so important to provide young people with work experience opportunities, our Digital Marketing Manager Monica Rabadia said: ‘Work experience allows students to boost their confidence and to develop key skills such as time management, problem-solving and people skills before heading out into the big world. There are also so many job possibilities available, so work experience allows them to get a taste of different options.’

She continued: ‘I personally felt that my own work experiences made a huge difference when it came to deciding which path I wanted to take. Although I knew I wanted to make use of my creative side, I also wanted to explore other options.

‘My work experience with Metropolitan Police was brilliant: it almost changed my career path completely. Even though I chose to take the marketing and design path eventually, the confidence and people skills I gained from the Met have helped me to be where I am today. So, I highly encourage any work experience as you do not realise how adaptable you can be until you have experienced working life at a young age.’

Most recently, we were joined by 17-year-old David – who we were put in touch with through his college’s agency. David spent a week in the office shadowing Monica, during which time he created a two-week social media schedule, ensuring the language and style was consistent with Public Sector Plc. Using a combination of existing resources and his own data finding and collection skills, he also created a database of different councillors for us to engage with.

David said: ‘My work experience at Public Sector Plc has been enjoyable and very exciting. When I began working, Monica explained to me each task that I needed to do and gave me the resources needed to complete them. Whenever I was stuck on a problem, she was always there to help and answer any questions I had as well.

‘Monica ensured everything I had done was to the best of my ability and was very informative – showing me examples of what she herself had done while working in order to give me a steer on tasks.’

The team was impressed with David’s enthusiasm and the effort he put into the work; not only did he complete his tasks, but he also conducted research and put together a list of suggestions for our social media channels and website off his own back. It was also fantastic to see David open up and start engaging more in office conversations as the week went on.

Although marketing and design isn’t the career path he wants to take (David is studying IT and software development), he came into the placement with an open mind and carried out every task to the best of his ability.

As a result, he has been able to take away a range of new workplace skills which will benefit him in the future – highlighting the importance of a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and work experience as a whole.