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What are the particular needs for Public Sector Plc in the central region?
We bring additional resource to expedite projects that Councils may not necessarily be able to bring forward themselves and offer innovative solutions for ‘difficult’ projects. By looking at sites more commercially, we can ensure we deliver absolute best value for our partners with minimal risk.

How does Public Sector Plc specifically benefit the local authorities in the central region?
We work directly with our partners on sites that can ultimately achieve best financial returns and higher/wider socio-economic benefits. As well as additional resource, we share knowledge and best practice from Public Sector Plc’s local and national projects.

Describe the strengths of your team…
My colleagues have diverse backgrounds and interests across a variety of different sectors. As a team, we’re motivated and passionate, with a real will to bring projects forward that have great outcomes – not only for the Council partners, but the wider communities we live and work in. There’s an overriding interest in regeneration projects that will benefit our region as a whole.

Best thing about working in the central region…
The diversity of the partners we work with and the great variety of local advisors and professional services we use that fully understand our local market and needs.