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1.9-acre derelict former farm

Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Land promotion and regeneration

This site of circa 1.9 acres is located off Chorley New Road, sandwiched between a large industrial estate and the Bolton Wanderers Academy. A number of vacant or semi-derelict buildings sit on the site including the old farm house and some attractive stone barns.

The site was challenging with a number of constraints including the presence of the adjacent Lostock Hall on one side and the industrial units on the other. Key to driving value was to secure an access to the site that made the most of its location off Chorley New Road whilst minimising the impact of nearby commercial properties.

The partnership resulted in developing a scheme that maximised value and secured planning permission prior to the disposal of the market.

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lostock west church homes.jpg
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Lostock old farm before.jpg
Lostock old farm 2 before.jpg

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