Town centre office rationalisation

The rationalisation of council offices within Dudley Town Centre required the refurbishment of 5 core sites within the Council’s central campus complex, namely 7 St James’s Road/8 Parsons Street, 4 Ednam Road, 3/5 St James’s Road, the Council House and Regent House.

The refurbishment of these buildings allowed the council to vacate a further 12 properties, enable the movement of staff around the campus whilst construction works are undertaken, assist with the resultant transformation of services to adopt agile working methods and make more efficient use of less space.

The partnership worked with the council to devise a strategy for delivery of the scheme, funded a range of works across the surplus properties to build vale and disposed of the buildings as they were released.

The project enabled the council to invest more than £3 million in the properties that were retained and realise necessary revenue savings of £450,000 per annum.